More Music Learning Theory

This is a PowerPoint I made over Music Learning Theory. There was so much information that I couldn’t really do it justice in this PowerPoint with the time that I had.

Music Learning Theory


Music Learning Theory

For my presentation, I chose to cover Music Learning Theory. This theory is based on the research of Edwin E. Gordon and focuses on developing musicians’ tonal and rhythmic audiation. A detailed overview of this theory can be found here.


More Activities

There doesn’t seem to be any form of assessment for this teaching model. The closest thing to assessment is to measure a musician’s Musical Aptitude.


The students will diagram two different songs about wind, then compare them.

The students will listen to two different songs about wind (Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas, and Wind by Brian Crain) and draw what they see or feel into their music journals. After listening to both songs, the students will compare the songs and how each song expressed wind.


After learning how to play the recorder, students will perform Leapfrog with 80% accuracy.

Recorder Song


I wrote this song to make a lively, yet challenging, piece for the students to play. It has small jumps to represent playing leapfrog. Also, it challenges the students by involving accidentals that the students will need to learn in order to play it.


After reading the story The Dark Dark Night, students will create shadow puppets to make their own story.

Since the story The Dark Dark Night is mainly about shadows, and I’ve already made sure that the students are comfortable and happy with shadows from my Movement lesson, I will let the students make their own shadow puppets. After each student has made their own puppet, we will create a new story about shadows as a class, then reenact it with our shadow puppets behind the bright light we used in the Movement lesson. Not only would this tie in well with the book, but it could also lead to teaching them more about international music, such as the Chinese music that goes with Chinese shadow puppetry.

Shadow Puppets